Child and Adolescent PRP Onsite & Offsite

Child and Adolescent PRP services are available to those individuals who are 5-17 years of age, who are receiving continuous care from a licensed physician or licensed clinician for a mental health diagnosis, who have or are eligible for medical assistance, or uninsured. (Please call to determine eligibility). Services are offered in combination of settings in order to best meet the needs of the client (i.e. onsite afternoon/evening program, offsite outings, in-home, etc.).  Following a period of assessment which evaluates the individual’s strengths and preferences, the rehabilitation counselor will work with the client and his/her parent guardian to implement individualized rehabilitation goals.

Target areas may include, but are not limited to the following:​

Development of age-appropriate social skills

Self-esteem/confidence building

Development of conflict resolution skills

Anger management techniques

Community awareness/safety

Advocacy Education Life skills training (i.e. grooming, hygiene, nutrition, etc.)

Assisting the parent/guardian with scheduling and maintaining appointments for the child/adolescent

Coordination of care with the parent/guardian, as well as with other providers/treatment team members (i.e. therapist, psychiatrists, PCP, substance abuse providers, specialists)

Other areas of need as identified

Child PRP Program Locations

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