Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC)

Advantage Psychiatric Services, LLC provides a broad range of Outpatient mental health services to include psychotherapy and medication management to families and individuals, ages 5 and above. Psychotherapy services are offered in home, in school, in any safe and private setting, or in our clinics. All of our therapists are licensed and experienced in the treatment of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, anger management and ADHD. Diagnostic evaluations and medication management are available in our clinics. Our goal is to provide a supportive and experienced team of professionals to help clients achieve their behavioral health objectives.

Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Locations: (410) 686-3629

The Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) can help in the following areas:​

Individual Psychotherapy: Our licensed therapists are experienced in the treatment of depression, anxiety, personally disorders, family issues, grief and loss, disorders in children such as ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Diagnostic Evaluations:
Our experienced Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners can provide a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to assist in the treatment of behavioral health issues.

Medication Management: As needed, our prescribers will offer medication management as another avenue to help clients reach their treatment goals.

Family Therapy: Our therapists are trained to work with families to help provide support and guidance.  

Off Site: Our therapists can work in the home, school or any private safe place agreed upon by the therapist and the client.

In clinic: In our clinic we offer our psychotherapy and medication management.

Treatment Planning: Our treatment team works with clients to develop an individual treatment plan that meets the client's needs. ​

We are CARF accredited (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitations Facilities): CARF accreditation is a sign of quality and conformity to internationally accepted standards.  

(410) 686-3629
Referrals can also can be submitted to referrals@advantagepsyc.com

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