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At APS, we celebrate the accomplishments of clients and staff, alike. By encouraging a collaborative environment committed to growth and professional development, each employee is provided with the tools they need to support those we serve in a variety of areas. Routine supervision ensures that all staff have access to a wealth of training and professional development opportunities spanning across the mental and behavioral health spectra. With numerous advancement and growth opportunities available, APS provides upward mobility for those passionate about helping others.

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1. Look through all our Job listings offered on the careers page.
2. Choose the Job that best fits your skills.
3. Fill out our Online Application, and attach your Resume and Cover letter.
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Working at APS gives employees the opportunity to change lives while becoming more familiar with the clinical aspects of behavioral health, clinical interventions, and mental health treatment. As part of the care team, the counselor’s work supports that of the therapists, prescribers, and other members of the interdisciplinary team involved in supporting our clients.

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