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Job Description for Psychotherapist


A psychotherapist is responsible for delivering clinically sound behavioral health treatment for clients with emotional, behavioral and mental disorders.  A psychotherapist in the APS OMHC will be expected to provide individual, group, family and couples psychotherapy using evidenced based practices. The psychotherapist is responsible for ensuring that clients are served in a manner which is most responsive to their needs and desires, that the 10 fundamental components of Recovery are promoted, and that agency policies and procedures are followed.   Through supervision and appropriate delegation he/she will ensure that the program meets the clinical needs of the clients it serves and adheres to all governing regulations.  Supervision and Coordination of Services A psychotherapist reports directly to their immediate supervisor, usually the OMHC Clinical Supervisor, or his/her designee. The psychotherapist coordinates with other professionals within the agency as well as outside agencies to create an interdisciplinary team approach. The psychotherapist abides by the ethics set forth by the agency and the profession as a whole.  


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: The psychotherapist will be Maryland licensed as an LGPC, LCPC, LGSW or LCSW-C and have at least 1 year’s experience in providing behavioral health services.  The psychotherapist requires a high level of clinical knowledge for understanding the diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Critical thinking, a client centered focus, attention to detail, knowledge of electronic medical records, and decision-making skills are required. The psychotherapist will have the analytical skills for interpreting health regulations and applying them in new protocols.  Organization skills are important for psychotherapists to keep client records, billing and schedules in perfect order.  Psychotherapists should also be compassionate, sympathetic, and ethical in their practice.  The psychotherapist will be able to demonstrate the ability to express themselves well through writing, interpersonal and oral communication skills. She/he will demonstrate an understanding and sensitivity to serving a culturally diverse and/or special needs population while maintaining client confidentially. The psychotherapist will be able to manage human resources effectively, thereby producing an environment conducive to achieving the agency’s mission.  

Education and Experience:
LGPC, LCPC, LGSW or LCSW-C licensed by the State of Maryland. Experience as required by the credentialing process.  

Based on the current ranges established by Human Resources Department and level of experience. STATUS: Exempt  

Credentialing and Privileging